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✧ APEX ✧

Active Account: ApexPlegian
Position: Member
Breeding roller / Item Artist from JUN16 ~ FEB17
Activity: High
Reosean focus: Aeon

Reos is basically a second home to me on the ARPG interface.
I spend a great majority of my time either drawing my reoseans, plotting around the world, creating new characters for it, and overall enjoying running around with critters the size of horses.

Also lovingly called the "Eyeball Thief" by extension, for my former inbreeding results usually happening in blind pups.


183 by Reykholtz


Unlikely // Private

I apologize if I come off as unwiling or reserved when it comes to my Reoseans and characters, but I do not trust people to handle them the same way I do, and I am unsure of who to interact with at times due to this.
Please do not get upset if I am reluctant to create partnerships, Roleplay, or world build with you since most of my Characters if not all of them already have a very firm place in a story I actively piece together with my closer ring of friends within the community.

Candlelight by Cathines-Stamps


I will do CP for no one under any circumstances.
I cannot spare the time anymore, and every free piece I make comes straight out of my potential income for the month! :c
I may propose the rare trade, but it will be me to approach you about one, not the other way around.

If you have interest in hiring me for commissionary work, you can view my terms and prices by clicking "Commissions" on my page menu, but you NEED to note me AriiKnave and not this account. This is an ARPG account where I play, not work.
You can also view my status whether I am open or not on my main account.

I provide many services and have recently found a very comfortable position in creating item art for other ARPG platforms.
Please do not assume that I will take ARPG related goods--I am not interested in participating in a new ARPG at this time and require an income based off my art.
Thanks for understanding!

184 by Reykholtz

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:



Top two boxes....................... ApexPlegian
Second box to the right..................... Aerima
Navigation tabs...................... ApexPlegian
above Image of Aeon ................. SketchRide
Wreathes in Roster...........................Memuii
CSS box buttons............................. CypherVisor
CSS Backgrounds.................. ApexPlegian

Please DO NOT use my art for any reason without my explicit granted permission. You are not entitled to my art automatically if I feature your characters or species since the art itself is STILL my creation and my belonging, which I do have the rights to tell you to remove immediately.

If you fail to ask my permission to use these works in my gallery for any reason or off site for any reason without asking my permission, I will ask you to redact the piece altogether.

It is common courtesy, and I would like to see that followed.


Commissioned artworks are directly subjected to my ToS; as I am already in agreeance that you have Noncommercial permissions to utilize.

Giftart is also subject to these rules, and in the case of using my art, you need to credit me. Regardless if a signature is present, you as a user of my artwork, need to state CLEARLY who created the piece somewhere either directly below the piece or somewhere on your front page that is accessible.


The Founders of World-of-Reos and Otherworld-ARPG have my granted permissions to use any of my Minkin and or Vestibule art for group examples and noncommercial purposes.

. Kojireru


Sorry if I seem really unresponsive lately 

57 deviants said I just wanna draw all day dammit
27 deviants said I'm just mega tired and this is a full week at work + family meet on saturday







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Honestly I've never hurt so much
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